Cold Arms, CIM and a fabulous cookie pizza

Last weekend I had Friday and Monday off to revise and treated myself to Mumford and Sons in between. They played Cold Arms so my relationship with Mumf is complete and then spent the rest of my time chilling with George in Barnsley/preparing for the big CIM exam! We went to our beloved spoons and played top trumps which I really enjoyed because we rarely do normal couple stuff (that’s our normal). Plus spoons is ridiculously cheap compared to Haarlem so we splashed out on dinner and George lost his Five Guys virginity. It was magical.

Tuesday morning I felt prepared and ready, but come 5pm post the three hour exam, my CIM fate is no more clear ha. Ethical Marketing is officially my new arch nemesis and I never want to see a framework ever again. I’m going to try and forget about it until March when the results come out as there’s not a lot I can do now…I can cross that bridge when it comes to it.Back in Peterborough I met with Ellie and Alex (who I used to live with) for dinner at Wildwood after the exam. It was really nice to catch up but I wasn’t amazed by the food. As a result we had to travel across town to get a cookie pizza and this soon made me completely forget about Ethical Marketing and remember to instead focus on how amazing desserts are.

Also it’s December now so I got a Marvel advent calendar and can have chocolate for breakfast EVERYDAY 💪🏼 



So many treats

Last week I invested a lot of time in CIM, and when you have lots of CIM to do it must be balanced with treats…

Those treats included watching first dates, a couple of documentaries, face timing the fam and shopping on my lunch break. I bought a new outfit, a hotdog from the market, a pork burger that came pre-wrapped in bacon and a Berliner (that’s the giant donut I got as a well done for the revision I was yet to start). I love being in walking distance of the shops but I don’t think weekends alone are cost effective for my bank balance.

You may be wondering why I included the documentaries in the “treats” section but I am rather enjoying them right now. I watched Culture High and am now pro-marijuana selling (not buying) as I think we could make a hell of a lot of tax on it! And then I watched “Dear Zachary” – a super sad video but if you have time definitely worth a watch.

Not much to report whilst CIM deadlines are looming but the countdown to Halloween has begun as George will be visiting to explore a bit more 😁😁!