Arrival in Accra

I made it! After starting my Challenges Worldwide journey in December, making it through the application process, assessment day and pre-departure preparations, I arrived in Accra on Sunday.

The 6.5 hour flight wasn’t as long as I’d expected, but apparently we were very lucky to go direct! My UK counterpart, Bryan, wasn’t so lucky as the flight was fully booked so he came the next day via Dubai and was in the air for +14 hours.

My first thoughts as follows:

  • The host home is pretty awesome; we have a huge living room with an open plan dining room and a big twin bedroom, complete with a fan and mosquito net

  • Mosquito nets are like little forts and, I am told, if you sleep with the fan on mosquitoes are so light the air blows them away

  • Mosquito spray smells disgusting and if you spray your arms first and then your legs you smother yourself in the chemical mist bending down

  • Showers are always cold, and I’m OK with it

  • Water is sold in bags instead of bottles and you bite the corner to open them. They are also crafty little bags that spill at the first opportunity

  • Brushing my teeth with a water bag is an art I will master

  • It’s normal to drink Milo with breakfast (an energy hot chocolate drink)

  • Jallof (rice cooked in stew not water) is a staple with most meals and tastes good with everything

  • Locals eat huge portions of rice and small portions of stew/meat/sauce

  • They eat everything with their ‘SPOON’ (five letters for each finger on their right hand)

  • Everyone uses their mobile phone data for internet, there is no Wi-Fi, and I definitely took it for-granted

  • Trotros (the local buses) are chaos, but they are clearly organised chaos for locals as they just seem to magically understand where they are going

  • The guy that takes the fare is called “mate”

  • Without our in-country team leader (ICTL) counterparts, we would get lost almost immediately, never to be found again

All in all so good so far!