Time: 1.58.58

I know I probably sound like a broken record – but a massive THANK YOU to everyone donated in support of my fundraising target for Challenges Worldwide! On Sunday I ran the 13.1 miles in 1.58.58 – keeping to my 9 minute mile target pace and successfully completing the MK half marathon.

The first 7 miles were brutal; I was counting down the mile markers and the only things that kept me entertained through the roads and roundabouts of MK were the abundance of jelly-babies being given out, the Dutch-style windmill at mile 8 once we reached Ouse Valley Park, and my amazing supporters.

Another massive THANK YOU to George, Suzy and Hugo who helped create my playlist, drove me to the race at 7am, calmed me down whilst I panicked for no reason pre-race, cheered me on at the third mile, and got the best seats in the stadium to literally scream at me whilst I completed the final lap of the stadium.

£500 raised for charity and one half-marathon down, I am now the proud owner of the most fabulous cow medal around and just 6 weeks away from flying out to volunteer as a Team Leader in Ghana. Exciting times!




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