Should probably wrap this up!

So my Holland chapter is completely closed now hence the lack of blogging. Long story short the Dutch business is closing and I have been lucky enough to come out of the closure with an exciting new job opportunity back in the UK!

I met some of the nicest people I have ever come across, explored a number of beautiful Dutch cities and fell in love with Holland. It may have been short, but it was sweet – now onto the next adventure 😊




Happy New Year!

  I decided to take the holidays off blogging and have had a very relaxing time back in the UK.

This year Rob (my brother) and I were in charge of the Icelandic Christmas dinner and I am happy to report it was a success! Playing cook I realised that Christmas is definitely where my sweet tooth comes from – sugar browned potatos, sugar roasted carrots and parsnips, homemade toblerone ice cream and more sugar in the fruit salad dressing have definitely contributed to my holiday weight gain. But if you haven’t put on weight then you’ve not eaten enough these past few weeks let’s be honest…

After our Icelandic meal on the 24th I had a traditional 25th and another roast on Boxing Day. It was basically three Christmas meals which was delightful and I am now the proud owner of a pressure cooker (thanks Santa) so am looking forward to making a whole chicken in 20 minutes 👌🏼 I do not want to return any gifts despite only providing a few suggestions – an even bigger success!

For the second year in a row my little brother spoiled the board game surprise. I bought cluedo for my sister in law – he’s been telling her how excited he was to play cluedo for weeks whilst it sat at home ready to wrap for her gift. Massive fail but it was a good game nonetheless!

After Christmas I headed up north to George’s via Rothwell. 5.5 hours of driving later I realised everyone travelled on the 27th last year, it was a bad plan.

Once in Barnsley I was finally able to use Meerkat Movie codes to see Star Wars and the new Hunger Games. I am fully up to date on Jedi-ness and was impressed with the finale of HG (no spoilers so no more details).

I also got to meet George’s mum’s new pup Joey 😁😁 next to the huge Oscar and Maddie he’s just a little baby and my dog love is as strong as ever!

For New Years we decided to stay in so I had some fancy pink wine (Echo Falls…), watched New Years Eve the film and saw the bells at midnight before cracking out the sparklers! It was fabulous and only cost me £11 in booze. Staying in is definitely the new going out…

Two Barnsley matches, a few more board games and beers later I’m back in Ptown searching for houses! Long story short Grandma Soff is returning to the UK so I’m undecided how much longer I’ll keep this up but I’ll try for a bit longer…