Bike jams and bitterballen

Apparently fleets of boats sometimes like to pass through the Dutch canals and when they do it really delays your cycle home! It was definitely less irritating than a car traffic jam but trying to cross the road when 20 other bikes are pushing off is a little dangerous when you’re a wobbly cyclist…

This week I finally found a cheap restaurant! There’s an Italian by mine where you can get a decent meal for 10 Euros which is always good to know.

Following the cheap meal out on Wednesday, four of us from work decided to do dinner and drinks on Friday. I tried my very first bitterballen (it’s like a fried ball of brown goo) and I liked it 👍🏼 Then we went to a steakhouse where I was served the pint below – apparently this is normal. Obviously when it first arrived the head was to full capacity but that is not a large beer…not sure who the bartender was trying to kid.

After a few too many drinks that was pretty much my weekend over…I woke up a little bit tired on Saturday and have cracked on with more CIM. First draft of Mastering Metrics complete and I am honestly praying its of a high enough standard because it’s my least favourite thing in the world.

Trying to cut down on sweets so I decided I needed to finish off the Nutella. Not sure that’s how it’s meant to work…but in case you were wondering putting ice cream in the jar was a fabulous decision.

Looking forward to a CIM-free day, roll on next weekend!




So many treats

Last week I invested a lot of time in CIM, and when you have lots of CIM to do it must be balanced with treats…

Those treats included watching first dates, a couple of documentaries, face timing the fam and shopping on my lunch break. I bought a new outfit, a hotdog from the market, a pork burger that came pre-wrapped in bacon and a Berliner (that’s the giant donut I got as a well done for the revision I was yet to start). I love being in walking distance of the shops but I don’t think weekends alone are cost effective for my bank balance.

You may be wondering why I included the documentaries in the “treats” section but I am rather enjoying them right now. I watched Culture High and am now pro-marijuana selling (not buying) as I think we could make a hell of a lot of tax on it! And then I watched “Dear Zachary” – a super sad video but if you have time definitely worth a watch.

Not much to report whilst CIM deadlines are looming but the countdown to Halloween has begun as George will be visiting to explore a bit more 😁😁!



The Nobel Restaurant was this weeks choice of restaurant for our weekly 121. Ellie and I have been working stupid hours at work so a Thursday night break was very much needed! We both had salmon and then I had a triple chocolate mousse afterwards because a meal isn’t a meal without a dessert…

The grad project we’ve been working on is finally live – if you want a marketing, technology or finance graduate scheme job please apply today because every application counts towards our results 👍🏼. It’s been a hectic project alongside our normal workload but I have really enjoyed working on a campaign from start to finish to tracking.

Then Friday eve I returned to the airport and was only delayed 2 hours (a mini fist bump feeling when travelling to Manchester). The train was reasonably stress free and I had a takeaway waiting for me on arrival so I was a happy traveller.The weekend in Barnsley involved my first match of the season, me losing every bet on my accumulator, meeting a pony called Gracie and taking a walk to The Potting Shed (a cute little cafe/bistro with a view of the ducks 😊).

Monday morning I got the earliest train to Ptown and it was really nice to catch up with the grads and the CTM team before our Marketing Masterclass! Speakers from O2, Crowdfunder and one of our agencies, Albion, spoke about the rise of O2, challenger brands and how to disrupt the market. It was really interesting and I have a few bits and bobs to read up on like pay as you go insurance, Crowdfunder and other start ups that could pose a threat to our insurance businesses (bit of geeking).

Having just arrived home from my third and final weekend in the UK I’m happy to be staying in Haarlem for a while now and having people come visit me! /do lots of CIM…

Planes, trains and so many delays

I think it’s safe to say I hate public transport. I have just sat down with another lonely pint to wait for my departure gate.

Coming to Barnsley on Friday was supposed to be a lovely day. I’d booked a half day, left lots of time to get to the airport and was really looking forward to going for a meal in the evening, when my flight got cancelled…

I got in the ticket office queue to see what my options were, I was number 837 and there were about 100 people in front of me. I had left my phone charger with Niels in the office by accident and I had 30% battery – but I was ok because I had my packed lunch.

About 50 people in, I get a call from Priscilla, she apparently sorts the travel for hoyhoy (my work) and can book me on another flight without me having to queue (bit late but that was fine). P then tells me the only option I have is to fly to London and then to Manchester if I want to go to Barnsley today…I accepted, I wasn’t going out for dinner anymore but I’d still make the drinks, all was not lost!

Ellie met me at the airport to charge my phone so I could check in to my new flight, pretty sure it would’ve been game over if not. Two hours later I’m on my BA flight to London and loving life because I like free beer and snacks. I was ok with the situation. I could recover from this.

Next I arrived in London, accidentally got bumped to business class and after a few calls it was confirmed – I had 10minutes to take advantage of the BA lounge. Imagine free beer, decent wine, cake and biscuits. I had a very nutritional snack dinner and then just as I was about to leave I spied the departure board. Delayed ANOTHER HOUR. But things could be worse…I had some more wine, made a Czech friend who leant me a phone charger and a business traveller gave me a free portable charger after I explained my troubles. I like business class.

Eventually I got to Manchester with 15minutes until the train – so I ran. Obviously I’m part Usain Bolt so made the train but it wouldn’t be a completely disaster until it was delayed and I’d missed my change at Huddersfield…so that happened.

I then got on the Wakefield train, I could make one drink providing this wasn’t delayed. No. I was too scared to risk it so I got off the train before it had departed – if I’d stayed on I would’ve been stuck.

Finally! I got to Barnsley. All I had to do was get the key from under the red plant. Remember when my phone died the second I turned on my torch? I do. I put my hand under so many pots but eventually fear took over, I didn’t care about the key, I was locked out for 25minutes and something was in the bush. It was not worth it.

I’d missed the meal, the drinks and the North is SO COLD. I’m lucky George is worth it or I would’ve killed him on sight.

After all the delays I have thoroughly enjoyed my weekend in Barnsley! I thank all of my new travel friends for getting me through the pain and I had a Ninos which is better than Dominoes and made a chocolate orange cheesecake which was heavenly.

Talking through that delay makes my 4 hour wait going back seem like nothing…